About me
Anna 'Mona Braimah can be aptly described as a woman of many parts. If asked to describe herself in a few words, one is sure to hear her say she is a keen observer of life and  a repository of hope. Not surprising though. An unapologetic empath that she is, she believes the world can be a better place if people are kinder, and a little more sensitive and empathetic towards the plight of others. 

Her love for writing began from her younger days. She started out by journaling experiences and essay writing. Over time, she poured out her all into writing true life stories and dispensing hope and inspiration while at it.  This earned her the name," Minister of the pen"  coined by friends and it has stuck ever since then.

She is a graduate of Law from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and was called to bar not long afterwards. 

Not one to quell her creative flair, she bagged a diploma in Bartending from the Texas School of Bartenders, Texas USA.  

In the year 2019, she founded a ministry and  non-governmental organization called, ' The Salve Initiative', with a simple mandate, 'mending hearts, restoring hope'. This comes in several expressions- hosting of an annual conference, called 'Lifted', prison and hospital outreaches. With a passion to help and reach out to hurting and grieving people, there is also a helpline offering grief and trauma counselling services. 

She likes to quip regularly that she would write for the audience for one as she would for a thousand.

When she is not writing, one is sure to find her cooking, baking, babysitting or involved in community development initiatives